Mobile Application Development

Mobile Development

User Experience / User Interface Design

Create designs to provide and give the “WOW” effect on the UI/UX and exceptional mobile experience

Cross-Platform Coverage

Deploy the mobile applications on multiple platforms by using mobile-enabled technologies to deliver it according to company strategy

Faster Delivery

Rapid deployment by applying Agile methodology in conjunction with Devops to accelerate the delivery to launch work class products

Platforms & Frameworks

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Angular, React, Meteor Microsoft.NET, Xamarin, SharePoint J2EE, RoR, Laravel Xcode, Android Studio Sales Force, Adobe AEM, MS Dynamics

Programming Languages

Node.js, JavaScript, Python GoLang, Swift, React Native .Net, C#, Java, R Objective-C, PHP

Databases & Reporting

MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB Hadoop, PostgreSQL, MySQL MS SQL Server, Oracle Pentaho, Jasper, Cognos D3.js, Redshift